• Source Growth Opportunities that Match your Objectives

    Finding loans that meet the credit policies, asset-liability constraints, geographic concentrations, and return hurdles approved by your board of directors can be like finding a needle in the haystack. LendTrade is consistently building a pipeline of new opportunities with loan origination companies that match various investment objectives. We can help source and qualify compatible trading partners.

  • Find Common Ground with Potential Partners

    Once you’ve found the perfect opportunity that achieves your objectives, you still have to win and close the deal. Oftentimes what separates the winner from the crowd is less about price and more about relationship. LendTrade helps facilitate the dialogue with compatible origination companies in order to keep the process on track. We can assist with product development, pricing negotiations, and project management for getting deals closed. By bringing both parties to the table, we’ll find the common ground needed to win the deals that fit you best.

  • Accelerate the Process

    We have a proven process to advance opportunities step by step from hello to close. With more than 20 years of industry experience, LendTrade can help you identify potential roadblocks early on in the process, so you can move forward or move on without wasting valuable time and resources.