• Increase Capacity: Access new investors before your competition

    LendTrade’s investor clients prefer to operate below the radar and therefore don’t mass market correspondent programs to multiple sellers. LendTrade is constantly building new investor relationships with banks, credit unions, REITs, private equity firms, pensions funds, & insurance companies. Most of these investors only have the capacity to work with a handful of select origination partners. That’s why it’s critical to connect with them before your competition does. LendTrade has relationships with investors that are looking to establish ongoing flow relationships with loan origination companies. By adding new investors, you can diversify your funding sources and expand your capacity to grow as market conditions change.

  • Expand your Product Offerings: Offer differentiated products or better pricing to your customers

    Being the first in your market to offer new product terms or better pricing can help you capture market share. Relationships with LendTrade’s investor clients could allow you gain a competitive advantage. Together we work to bring new growth potential to your established market.

  • Accelerate the Process

    We have a proven process to advance opportunities step by step from hello to close. With more than 20 years of industry experience, LendTrade can help you identify potential roadblocks early on in the process, so you can move forward or move on without wasting valuable time and resources.