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ID# 10152
Opportunity to Buy Loans
Loan Category Residential Mortgages
Loan Type Other Residential Mortgages: Doctor Loans
Trade Structure Options Whole Loans
Operational Servicer Options Seller or Their Contract Servicer
Legal Servicing Rights Options Retained
Trade Repeatability Options One Time Trade, Repeat Trades
Trade Consistency Options Flow, Ad Hoc
Minimum Ad Hoc Trade Amount $ 5,000,000
Maximum Ad Hoc Trade Amount $ 10,000,000
Minimum Monthly Flow Volume No Minimum
Maximum Monthly Flow Volume $ 5,000,000
Flow Forward Commitment Options With a Forward Commitment, Without a Forward Commitment
Flow Frequency Options Monthly
Flow Delivery Options Portfolio, Loan by Loan
Can Buyer Carve? Yes
Eligible States Nationwide
Can Buyer Carve Geographically? Yes
Required States N/A
Performance Categories Performing
Can Buyer Carve for Performance? No
Required Performance Categories Performing
Company Type Bank
Eligible Counterparties Asset Manager, Bank, Credit Union, Insurance Company


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Minimum Credit Score
Maximum Loan to Value
Maximum Debt Ratio
Origination Channels Retail
Seasoning Buckets New
Rate Types Fixed Variable
Occupancy Types Primary Second Home
Property Types Single Family Duplex Condo Warrantable PUD
Income Types Full
Purpose Types Purchase Refinance


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Statistics Provided Representative Statistics
Average Loan Amount $ 563,500
Weighted Average Coupon 3.5 %
Weighted Average Credit Score 757
Weighted Average Debt Ratio 31.3 %
Weighted Average Loan to Value 98.7 %


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Bid Deadline No Deadline
Closing Deadline No Deadline

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