About Us

LendTrade is an intermediary specializing in whole loan trading and participations. We focus on home equity (loans & lines), residential mortgages & consumer loans. The company is based in Des Moines Iowa and was founded in April of 2000.

We work exclusively with experienced loan buyers and sellers that want access to new partners and opportunities, but don’t need help closing deals. The LendTrade network includes a diverse group of banks, credit unions, insurance companies, mortgage banks, consumer lenders, fintechs and asset managers.

We introduce you to experienced counterparties with opportunities that have been vetted to match your criteria, then we get out of the way. Counterparties choose to work with us because our approach gives them more control, more transparency, and lower fees than working with traditional brokers.

Steven Schipper CFA - Managing Director

Steve founded LendTrade in April of 2000, initially focused on building sustainable flow relationships between buyers and sellers of loans. In his prior role as VP of Structured Finance for AmerUs Capital Management (asset manager for a publicly traded life insurance company), he was responsible for whole loan acquisitions and securitizations of home equity loans and nonagency residential mortgages.

With over 30 years of experience in capital markets, Steve has developed expertise in areas including product development, whole loan trading, and securitizations of residential mortgages, consumer loans, and commercial mortgages. He has a finance degree from The University of Iowa, an MBA from Drake University, and is a CFA Charterholder.

Mike Petersen - Managing Director

Before joining LendTrade, Mike co-founded a non-agency residential mortgage conduit - Mill City Asset Management. In his prior role as Senior Director of Capital Markets at TCF Bank he led a dedicated team in managing the bank’s capital markets activities including loan sales of HELOCs, Jumbo whole loan acquisitions, and overseeing the residential mortgage loan portfolio.

With over 30 years of experience in mortgage capital markets, Mike has developed a deep expertise in areas such as whole loan trading, transaction management, structured finance, product strategy, and risk management. He has a finance degree from Iowa State University.